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Doing business starting your own business needs to start from asking yourself. What are the toughest challenges of starting a business? Not no capital, no new idea. The hardest thing is to maintain business endurance, stay in business despite facing many challenges. How do I start my own business or venture so that it won’t give up?

Opening a business by yourself, it takes time, can not be instant.

Why do people choose to start their own ventures?

There is a process to go through in starting and building a business.

Start from thinking about the initial idea, opening, introducing and promoting the business. In this process, there are a lot of challenges and obstacles. Both from the internal business itself as well as those coming from external.

See tips for starting a business.

This challenge does not rarely cause businessmen to wither before it develops. Not strong and stressed seeing businesses that are built slow growing, sales drag, while funds and energy have been poured out a lot.

Finally choose backward, give up. As a cocoon, his attempts failed to become butterflies that could fly.

Statistics from multiple enterpreunership surveys show that most of the businessman who opened his own business, failed at an early stage.


I suspect that the failure to maintain endurance is a major cause of many businessmen who fall in the early days.

However, it does not mean that the endurance business cannot be trained or constructed. The proof, the now successful businessman, can generally survive and escape the darkest of times.

Learning to build a small business

Here’s a note on how to start a new business as well as maintain business endurance, so that you can stay focused when you open the business, even if difficulties and challenges come in.

How to start a business and build a strong business motivation is to do some initial steps of starting a business, namely:

Have a big dream
Work based on Passion
Learning from successful people
Family Support
Facing competition

Let’s cover the 5 tips of starting a business on one by one.
1. Have a big dream of doing your own

The dream was able to move the mountain, so said one figurative.

This shows how powerful the influence of dreams is, including in trying.

Business Motivation!

So, when deciding on your own business, we should have a clear and specific dream or mind that becomes a raison d etre start your own business.

The dream should be something worthy, worthed, to be pursued and fought. Otherwise, the dream will be easily defeated or dispossessed by the pressure of the needs and short-term demands that usually look more urgent to be fulfilled.

When a caving of difficulty arises, the dream becomes the animator that sustain us not to give up, but instead find a way out.

Dream to be the last fortress.

Some notable motivators suggest that the dream should be specific and clear. It is written on a piece of paper, then impregnated and remembered every time.

Thus, the ideals are internalized in a strong and rooted self.


2. Work based on Passion when opening a business

Working because of the encouragement of love or hobby definitely results will be different. There is a strong desire to give the best. The case, not paid any, we want to do that.

Passion is a powerful animator while business is hard. Although the sale is declining, but because it does not due to profit demands, but because it does like it, we will continue to work to give the best.

Consistency works on the end will bring appreciation.

Conversely, if the business is done because of the hope of wealth alone, when the challenges arise or difficulties, which undoubtedly is in the business, the spirit of unyielding easy fastness. There is no motivation from the inside that keeps the spirit.

Generally, building your own business takes time. It is rare that can succeed in short time. Stamina for surviving is the most effective motivation that arises from the inside. That is passion.
3. Learn from successful people in opening a business

Many learn from those who have succeeded.

From them, we will understand that the way of doing business is not easy. There is a winding, up and down, steep, unwilling process to be skipped if you want to succeed.

The success has ever passed it. They succeed because they can survive. Try first stopping the middle of the road, surely the success that they get now will never materialize.

This successful person’s experience becomes a strong reminder, being pumping spirit, while being tired or troubled. If the business success only takes time and even needs a sacrifice to succeed, it is only natural that we start to deal with problems.

Hence, attending the seminar, listening to the radio talk show or reading in the tabloid about the sharing of success stories is a good thing to be done regularly. Not only to gain knowledge, but more than that, become a booster of spirit amid the challenge of starting a business yourself.


4. The importance of family Support when starting a business from scratch

Why is family support important when opening a business yourself?

When business is difficult, usually the household cash flow is affected. Who used to be to the mall every week, or on vacation to a year twice, should now be reduced, or even abolished at all in order to frugality to finance the business.
The family feels the most impact. And the family reaction is to determine whether the business continues.

Families who do not support must often complain and do not want to compromise. I see some people who eventually withdraw from doing business because of the pressures of the family, who want to maintain a lifestyle, do not want to be concerned, but the financial condition is not possible.

In contrast, the supportive family, the spirit and the most important will be concerned. They understand that adversity will now bring greater happiness later.

Hence, when it comes to starting the business, it is important to talk and talk openly to the family. Explaining that starting a business will face tough times early, an uneasy challenge, that requires the support and sacrifice of the family.

The key to successful start your own business, not only a good product, a brilliant marketing strategy and a business model, but more than that, it takes strength and persistence to keep going. The business is full of challenges and obstacles. Because when a businessman retreats before the goal, all the strategies and plans that are well-qualified and made to be futile are all.


5. Facing competition

What do you think if anyone opens a similar business to your efforts?

It’s a classic question that’s definitely a lot asked by those who do their own business.

The new business started and good development, uh not long then there are open similar businesses next to your efforts.

How to deal with it?

First, accept the fact that the competition is an integral part of the business. Advanced businesses are sure to attract competition.

Secondly, competition gives put into our business what is still a shortage and needs improvement.

Thirdly, competition shows that the effort we do has a good market potential, so the competitors dare to enter.
Why start your own new venture

Why do people choose to start their own ventures?

Maybe it’s a question that many people ask when they want to start a business.

Based on my observations, there are several reasons:

Freedom and independence. Self-employed is undoubtedly more free and more freely than working with others.
Income. It is certain if the business alone then all the income or profits we enjoy ourselves.
Innovation can be ‘ crazy ‘. By starting your own business, you become an unlimiting boss of the idea by others.

This is the reason why people choose to start their own business.